Aquatic Center

The Strawberry Point Pool was built in 1973 with an estimated 20 year life expectancy.  The pool has served the community well but is time to renovate it.

A new swimming pool will support our youth with summer activities and help to improve our infrastructure making our city an attractive place to live. It will also be a welcoming attraction for visitors. Providing this important amenity will continue to help us keep our city a thriving community.

Current Remodel Plan
The Strawberry Point Aquatic committee has been working diligently to come up with a practical design for the new pool that meets the needs of the community while maintaining a realistic budget. The expected start date for this project is September 2017, with plans to open the new pool the summer of 2018.

Estimated Cost
The committee supports the current project which is estimated at $757,080.70. Several grant opportunities have been researched that show approximately half of the project may be funded with grants. The remaining cost will need to be raised by our Community. Several fundraisers have taken place and continue to be planned to support this important goal. One of these includes selling decorative bricks for $50 each that can be personalized and placed in the wall of the new pool bath house.

We are seeking donations and pledges from our community, our businesses, organizations, families and individuals. Due to the scope and size of this significant project, we are offering the option to pledge donations over a three-year period( 2015, 2016 & 2017). Donors providing $1,000 or more will be recognized for their generosity. Donors above $25,000 will receive individual recognition. Checks should be made out to Strawberry Point Aquatic Center. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible.

Additional Information
This page will be one of the sources for keeping up on our progress.  You can also follow Strawberry Point on Facebook and look for updates in the Press-Journal.  If you have questions or comments for the pool committee, please email them to us. If you would like to donate to the project, you may send donations to:
Strawberry Point Aquatic Center, PO Box 279, Strawberry Point, Iowa 52076.

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Committee Member Contact
The pool committee made up of the group of core volunteers below. Many more volunteers will assist with this project in making it a success.

*Alane Swales
*Sue Kartman
*Lisa Baumgartner
*Kevin Baumgartner
*Kim Willie
*Barb Swales
*Carrie Weaver
*Caitlin Frazer
*Elizabeth Jaster
*McKenzie Robinson
* Hannah Evans